Que La Mauricie se Lève! With Jean Sasseville talks about Zestra® and sex in Quebec after a new study by Léger Léger is published on the sexual habits of Quebecers.

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Our Zestra® spokesperson, Louise-Andre Saulnier, discusses sexual dysfunctions and the sexuality of Quebecers during the summer.


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The platform is open to the public and to all health care workers, for all to consult. Here, we disucuss sexual concerns of Quebecers and of Orimed's  sexual dysfunction products!

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CTV Morning Live Ottawa:
our spokesperson, Dr Stephen de Wit, gets interviewed for the theme of the live TV show:
"How to spice things up!"
Zestra® and Uxor® welcome!

To watch the interview : http://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=660310&binId=1.